OVI / DUI Penalties

Understanding the Ramifications of Repeat DUI/OVI Convictions in Ohio

If you are charged with a DUI/OVI (i.e. driving under the influence/operating a vehicle while intoxicated) in Ohio and already have a DUI/OVI conviction on your record, be prepared for a fight. Many prosecutors are not lenient on defendants who already have a DUI/OVI conviction. Furthermore, the penalties, under Ohio law, become more severe with… read more

Ohio Ranked as One of the Most Lenient States on Drunk Drivers

The website WalletHub recently ranked all 50 states according to how strict they are on drivers charged with driving under the influence. Surprisingly, Ohio is ranked near the bottom of the list, meaning it is considered one of the more “lenient” states when it comes to punishing alleged drunk drivers. Ohio came in at No…. read more

Boating Under the Influence of Alcohol

If you enjoy boating, Ohio offers plenty of opportunities for you, from the Ohio River to the thousands of lakes and rivers, including one of the five Great Lakes, Lake Erie. There are numerous reasons for boating, such as fishing or simply enjoying a nice day on the water. And whatever the reason for boating,… read more

Drinking and Driving when Under 21 in Ohio

Though consuming alcohol while under the age of 21 is illegal, it is a well-known fact that it happens every day around the country. Underage drinking becomes much more serious when it is coupled with driving. As a result, Ohio (like many states) treats underage drinking and driving differently than adult drinking and driving. It… read more

Mental Illness Factories Infographic

US Prisons have become the de facto asylums for the mentally ill in America. As criminal defense attorneys, we are concerned that the mentally ill have become fixtures in the prison system, not receiving the help they need. We created this visualization to help you understand how this is happening. We wrote more about the… read more

First in Lifetime DUI/OVI Penalties in a Columbus, Ohio OVI Case

If you are convicted in Columbus of an OVI offense, the penalties are severe. Below is a list of penalties for a <!––>first time offender<!––>. Keep in mind, just because you are a first time offender, it is NOT a right of passage to the minimum sentence. The judge will take into consideration the totality… read more

Can My Probation Be Terminated Early For A Columbus, Ohio OVI?

The Court maintains jurisdiction over you with a period of probation. This means they can impose any jail time or fines that were initially suspended for a violation of the terms and conditions of your sentence or probation. Probation is the way the Court makes sure you comply with the sentence. If you have done… read more

A DUI Can Cost More Than Lawyer’s Fees

It has been said that a DUI will cost the average defendant $5,000 to $10,000. This is not just the lawyer’s fee. Additional costs are numerous. There can include the following: reinstatement fees, fines, court costs, medical experts, forensic experts, transcripts, private investigators, medical records, personal or vehicle bond (which your attorney cannot post for… read more

Penalties For A 1st Time OVI.

A first offense DUI in Ohio has the following penalties: Administative License Suspension (“ALS”) for test refusal equals a one year license suspension. ALS for a test over the prohibited Blood Alcohol Content (“BAC”) = 90 day license suspension. Jail – Minimum of three consecutive days or 3-day driver intervention program. Fine – Minimum $375… read more

Felony OVI / DUI

A felony DUI is charged when the offense is a fourth or more in six years or a sixth offense in the last twenty. This is a felony of the fourth degree. Among all the other serious penalties that go along with a felony DUI, the most serious is that all future DUIs will be… read more