OVI / DUI Test

How to Challenge Urine Test Results in Ohio

If you or a loved one is facing a DUI charge based upon a urine test, do not fret. It has been scientifically established that amongst the three most common methods used to determine blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in a DUI case, the urine test method is the least accurate. Yes, you read that correctly… read more

Boating Under the Influence of Alcohol

If you enjoy boating, Ohio offers plenty of opportunities for you, from the Ohio River to the thousands of lakes and rivers, including one of the five Great Lakes, Lake Erie. There are numerous reasons for boating, such as fishing or simply enjoying a nice day on the water. And whatever the reason for boating,… read more

Multiple OVIs Mean Trouble for Columbus Man

Logan County resident Ronald Burk has found himself in a troublesome circumstance after being arrested for OVI twice in less than two hours. Sgt. John Godwin of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office pulled Mr. Burk over after observing him hit the curb at a Wal-Mart with his truck as he exited the Wal-Mart’s parking lot…. read more

Should I Refuse Testing if I’m Pulled Over for OVI / DUI

The flashing lights in the rearview mirror sent a shiver down Janelle’s spine. She had just come from a friend’s holiday party and knew she probably had too much to drink. But she didn’t think she was driving that poorly. Why was this officer pulling her over? She carefully pulled her car over to the… read more

Columbus DUI Field Sobriety Tests

Suhre and Associates, LLC sent four of its lawyers to get certified to administer standardized field sobriety tests recently. All four lawyers graduated from the 3 day program and were certified. Our lawyers now have the same training that the police have as it relates to detection and apprehension of DUI offenders. This will make… read more

Forced Urine Test In A DUI Prosecution

Man Says Police Forcibly Collected Urine Sample – This was reported in Cincinnati by WLWT. Lawrenceburg, IN. Sept. 3 — An Indiana man has filed a lawsuit claiming that police forcibly withdrew urine from his body during a drunken driving arrest. According to the suit, police arrested Jamie Lockard, 53, on suspicion of drunk driving… read more