Our First Time Offenders OVI / DUI Attorney in Columbus Can Help Protect You from a Conviction.
Don’t face your first time DUI in Columbus alone. Even if you feel you might be guilty and you just want to get it over with, this isn’t the time for that approach. A guilty plea can complicate your life in ways you may not know. Our DUI attorneys can help guide you through the process of a first time DUI and help minimize the effect it will have on your life and future.

Most people believe that a first time DUI isn’t that serious. That isn’t accurate. Without trying to alarm you, here is a run down of Ohio law for a first time DUI conviction in Columbus.

Possible Columbus Ohio first time DUI penalties:

  • Administrative License Suspension (ALS) of one year if you refuse the blood alcohol test;
  • ALS for 90 days if you test above the legal limit;
  • A mandatory three consecutive days in jail or three-day driver intervention program;
  • Fines of at least $375 and no more than $1,075 plus court costs;
  • Court-order license suspension of at least six months and no more than three years;
  • Potential of up to five years of probation;
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device, at the discretion of the judge;
  • With a high tier blood alcohol test result, a mandatory six days in jail and issuance of restricted license plates.

A guilty plea leaves you vulnerable to all the above. However, our team of Columbus DUI attorneys can help protect you. Our reputation and experience in the Columbus courtroom helps us challenge the charge against you and if necessary negotiate for a reduced charge.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a first time DUI in Columbus, give us a call at (614) 827-2000. We take your charge seriously so it will be less serious for you.

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