If you have been charged with a DUI in Columbus or Franklin County, Ohio, don’t worry, call the Columbus DUI Attorneys at Suhre & Associates for top-rated criminal defense. At this point you may be feeling out of control. You may think that your life is over. It’s not. Suhre & Associates is here to help you with your charge of OVI in Franklin County, Ohio.

You are their focus. Your needs come first. They will sit down with you, discuss your case, and, together, determine what the best course of criminal defense will be for your situation. Suhre & Associates are tenacious criminal defense attorneys who are experienced in defending OVI/DUI and criminal defense cases in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio and surrounding areas.

You are not powerless after an OVI/DUI arrest. Don’t be afraid. Suhre & Associates has top-rated criminal defense attorneys you need to achieve success.

Suhre & Associates is about helping you with your DUI/OVI Charge in Columbus

Their approach to criminal law is completely different than anything you have experienced before. Everything they do is for you. This is more than just words; it’s how they do business.

For example, if you are more worried about making sure you don’t lose your driver’s license because you need your car to get to work, that will be our main priority. They will identify your problem, explore all possible solutions, and then work towards a common goal.

Suhre & Associates will bring the knowledge and experience they have in representing drunk driving cases in Columbus to your case, allowing you to relax and know that they have everything under control.

The single most important thing you can do after being charged with an OVI/DUI is to give Suhre & Associates a call.

Columbus OVI/DUI Attorneys who are on your side

Free consultation to discuss your OVI/DUI Arrest in Franklin County

Recently, Forbes Magazine ranked Columbus as the best place in the country to raise a family. Anxious to maintain this image, the justice system seeks to keep the streets of Columbus safe by strictly enforcing OVI/DUI laws.

Being charged with a OVI/DUI in Columbus can be intimidating. If you are like many of their clients, you have never been in trouble. You are an upstanding citizen who may have made an error in judgment. You are not a criminal. Suhre & Associates understands that and is here to help you.

Taking care of what matters most after a criminal arrest

Suhre & Associates first priority is you. They discuss your case with you and together determine the best criminal defense for your situation. They take into consideration what you need and what you want.

Most people need to drive. Suhre & Associates help you to negotiate the labyrinth of the DMV and courts to restore your driving privileges as soon as possible. From there, they pursue the best resolution to the charge against you. This means determining the ramifications an OVI/DUI conviction would have on your work, education, or reputation. They then work to minimize any effect.

Columbus OVI/DUI Attorneys who will fight for your future

Without an experienced DUI attorney in Columbus, an OVI/DUI charge can negatively affect your future opportunities and prospects. Suhre & Associates main objective is to avoid this possibility by finding your best criminal defense.

They explore weaknesses in the case against you that could lead to dismissal or acquittal. When this isn’t possible, they work with the prosecution to negotiate a reduced charge to minimize the impact of an OVI/DUI on your record. The criminal courts don’t necessarily want to ruin your life, they just don’t want you to ever drink and drive again. Their leniency may be directly related to convincing them that you won’t drink and drive ever again.

If you have been arrested for an OVI/DUI in Columbus, their criminal defense attorneys are here to stand with you and help you through this difficult time. Give them a call right now for help. Suhre & Associates reputation and experience with the Franklin County courts allows them to win or negotiate the best outcome for you.

Suhre & Associates fight for you as your criminal defense attorney