Our Columbus OVI / DUI Attorney Can Defend Against Your OVI / DUI Urine Test

You haven’t had alcohol in years. Yet while driving slowly in German Village and catching a few sights, an officer pulls you over and arrests you on suspicion of DUI. The breath test will prove the officer wrong, you think to yourself, so you aren’t worried.

Within a few minutes of arriving at the station, an officer informs you that they will be taking a urine sample. You complain and say you would rather take the breath test. The officer counters, “We don’t think you’re drunk, we want to see what kind of drugs you are on.”

Drugs? Does Benadryl Count? What About My Prozac?

Yes, the officer thought you looked bleary-eyed and possibly high or just a little out of it. So a urine sample is ordered.

What A Ohio Urine Test Will Show.

The typical D.O.T. approved five-panel drug screen will test for the following controlled substances, usually through a urine sample: marijuana (THC), cocaine, amphetamines/methamphetamines (Ecstasy, crystal meth), opiates (heroin) and phencyclidine (PCP). If you didn’t take any of the above, then your urine test should return negative. Presence of any of the above drugs will be entered as evidence in the DUI case against you. However, test results can be questioned based on compliance with multiple procedures.

What A Ohio Urine Test Won’t Show.

In response to the question on Benadryl, the urine test won’t be screening for Diphenhydramine, the active ingredient in Benadryl. Some studies, however, conclude that diphenhydramine may have a greater impact on driving performance than alcohol.

Additionally, even though most people are able to drive unimpaired while taking Prozac, some studies show that the severely depressed can become highly impaired while taking the drug.

Our Columbus DUI Attorney Can Fight Any Evidence Against You.

The police have access to the studies above but don’t routinely test for these substances. However, since the police made a judgment that you were impaired, they will aggressively use any means necessary to uncover a cause for your impairment.

They may question you and even try to coerce you into revealing the medication you may be taking. This is when you need us by your side. No matter the form of testing or means they use to gather evidence against you, we have the experience to defend you.

A urine test is often unreliable due to failure to follow proper procedures. Additionally it isn’t impolite to refuse to offer the police evidence against you. Inform the police that they will need to address all questions to us. Don’t be intimidated. You have rights. Give us a call now at (614) 827-2000.