Our Columbus DUI Attorney Can Challenge Your Breath Test

You just took your first breath test. You can’t believe the results. You were supposed to be the designated driver for your group’s monthly pilgrimage to Columbus’ World of Beer Brewery District. What happened?

The officer states your result is in fact accurate and you are over the legal limit. Don’t panic. Clear your head and try to keep track of all the events around you, from several hours before the officer stopped you for a broken taillight until you gave us a call.

Above all, don’t ever let breath test results scare you into pleading guilty. We have the experience and knowledge to help you when your breath test doesn’t seem right.

Understanding The Limits Of A Breath Test.

In a perfect world, a breath test may always be accurate. But you don’t live in a perfect world. You know you had one light beer, yet somehow your breath test suggests you drank something with a lot more kick and you drank more of it than you thought.

Actually, the breath test is accurate—unless the officer didn’t follow one of at least a dozen specific procedures that can skew the results. Additionally, multiple physical conditions of the defendant can distort results or indicate a flaw in the equipment. The variables of the test are such that accuracy may always be in question.

An Experienced Columbus DUI Attorney Knows When To Challenge A Breath Test.

If you would like an attorney that you can work with then you will appreciate working with us. We believe in you. If you claim you only had a light beer, then you only had a light beer and we would most likely vigorously challenge the breath test used against you.

However, if the breath test results seem to corroborate your activity before the test we would probably focus our energy and resources on other reliable defenses. Regardless, if the prosecution’s case rests solely on the breath test, it is a weakness we can exploit at any time.

Even though a breath test may appear to be incontrovertible evidence in a DUI case, it is hardly the definitive smoking gun the prosecution would want it to be. No matter what your breath test results indicate; we can defend you against your DUI charge.