Court Procedure

Multiple OVIs Mean Trouble for Columbus Man

Logan County resident Ronald Burk has found himself in a troublesome circumstance after being arrested for OVI twice in less than two hours. Sgt. John Godwin of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office pulled Mr. Burk over after observing him hit the curb at a Wal-Mart with his truck as he exited the Wal-Mart’s parking lot…. read more

The Duration of the Detainment after a Columbus, Ohio OVI Stop

It is very common for an arresting officer to detect the odor of an alcoholic beverage soon after a stop for a Columbus, Ohio OVI / DUI.  This presence of an “odor” is used to justify the further detainment in an OVI stop and typically leads to the administration of the standardized field sobriety tests…. read more

The Arraignment Process

Being charged with an OVI in Franklin County will most likely result in your arraignment being held at 375 S. High St. in downtown Columbus. If you have been released on a bond, your arraignment will be conducted in room 4C. If you or a loved one is still “locked up” , the arraignment will… read more

Motion To Suppress.

A motion to suppress evidence will first have to be filed by your Columbus DUI or OVI Lawyer. If your case does not reach a satisfactory plea deal, the motion to suppress is the best way to determine what evidence will come in at trial. In addition, it is an opportunity to ask the cop… read more

Administrative License Suspension.

When you are pulled over in Columbus, Ohio for an OVI, you will most likely lose your license. The Officer will most likely give you an administrative license suspension or ALS. This will be a 90 day suspension of your Ohio driver’s license, for a first offense, if you test over the limit. If you… read more

The Discovery Process!

You have a right to see the evidence in your case. This is called the discovery process in a criminal case. A request for discovery will ask for records and information specific to your DUI case whether it is a breath test, blood test, urine test, or refusal. It will also include the following basic… read more

Can My Probation Be Terminated Early For A Columbus, Ohio OVI?

The Court maintains jurisdiction over you with a period of probation. This means they can impose any jail time or fines that were initially suspended for a violation of the terms and conditions of your sentence or probation. Probation is the way the Court makes sure you comply with the sentence. If you have done… read more

Columbus, Ohio Driving Privileges. Part II.

The law in a Columbus, Ohio DUI / OVI case provides for limited driving privileges 15 -30 days post arrest on a first time OVI charge. Once eligible, you can get privileges for the following reasons: Occupational, Educational, Medical, and Vocational. Part 2 of this blog series is devoted to clients who ask about whether… read more

Can I Get Driving Privileges To Look For A Job?

The law in Ohio provides for limited driving privileges when you are under a suspension for a Columbus, Ohio DUI. You are eligible for privileges after any hard suspension time. This may be 15 or 30 days on a first time offense depending if you took a chemical test.  Once elligible, you can get privileges… read more

Can Refusing The Breath Test Be Used Against You?

If you refuse the test after a Columbus, Ohio DUI or OVI arrest, can it be used against you? Yes. The jury will be instructed that they may, but do not have to, consider the fact that you refused the breath test as evidence of guilt. However, your lawyer may be able to get a… read more