Celebrity OVI / DUI’s

Below is a list of some high profile people who have received DUI’s in the past.  Keep in mind, that over time, the laws have become harsher.  The recent tried in punishment is less tolerance and stiffer penalties for DUI / OVI offenders. George W. Bush, September 4, 1976,  who ultimately became President of the… read more

What Constitutes One Drink?

The CDC publishes an online FAQ about alcohol on their website. The following is an excerpt from that page: What is a standard drink in the United States? A standard drink is equal to 13.7 grams (0.6 ounces) of pure alcohol or: 12-ounces of beer. 8-ounces of malt liquor. 5-ounces of wine. 1.5-ounces or a… read more

How To Check Your Points, Driving Record, And Reinstatement Requirements.

Columbus, Ohio DUI Attorney Michael Puterbaugh explains how to examine your driving record. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles or “BMV” makes a wide variety of services available to the public online available anytime. The BMV’s main website is located at You can also go the following link to see the list of their… read more

OVI / DUI Risks When Alcohol Mixed With Stimulant Energy Drinks

There is media buzz about energy drinks mixed with alcohol lately. However the companies making the drinks defend their products by saying the concept of mixing alcohol and caffeine is not new and the FDA has not banned them. Rum and coke, irish coffee are only two historical examples of this traditional practice. The concern… read more

Avoid a OVI / DUI This Holiday Weekend!

My name is Mark Wieczorek and I am the managing attorney of Suhre & Associates which limits its practice to OVI defense to Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding counties. This blog is written by me to help potential clients in the Columbus area that have been charged with an OVI. The holidays are always a… read more

Think You Can Talk Your Way Out Of An OVI?

Most of my clients think that they can. All of them were charged with a DUI anyway. The best thing to say to the police is that you are not making any admissions. It is the best thing to say because just about everything thing you say can, and will, be used against you. Most… read more

Can You Help Me With Legal Matters Other Than OVI / DUI?

We typically limit our practice to Columbus, OVI / DUI defense, criminal defense or traffic matter in the Columbus area, but we will consult with you on any legal matter you have. If it is a matter outside that, we will still consult with you, but would rather give you no advice than bad advice…. read more