Our Columbus DUI Attorney Will Fight Your Felony OVI / DUI Charge.

Even though the very sound of the charge, “felony DUI” is ominous, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. You may have looked around the Internet and found the penalties and potential consequences of a felony DUI in Ohio, however the die hasn’t been cast. As your attorneys, with our experience and reputation, we can help you get through this with your life intact. And we aren’t trying to sugar coat it. Even though there may be consequences, you don’t have to throw in the towel and give up on your life and future.

Your Columbus Felony DUI Attorney’s Experience Makes A Big Difference

This may be your first felony charge. It isn’t ours. We have dealt with many felony DUI charges with our clients and have the experience to help you through yours. After we discuss your options with you, we set up a defense that accomplishes your goals.

If your objective were to retain your current lifestyle, our best option would be to mount an aggressive defense and attempt to beat the charge. This would require examining every detail of the prosecution’s case to find weaknesses and specific points that we could challenge in court.

Even though you may feel at this point that the law is against you, when you are challenging a felony DUI, the law is your best friend. The police, the prosecution, and others must follow specific guidelines, regulations, and laws. Some missteps are so serious they are grounds for dismissal of your case. Others create reasonable doubt that can sink the prosecution’s case in court. In the hands of a knowledgeable attorney, the law can protect you from an overzealous prosecution.

Your Life Is Important

Even though society seems fine to hand out severe punishments based on numbers and outcomes, we have a different point of view. We believe your life and the contributions you make to society are important. That belief and our commitment to you are at the heart of your defense.

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