There is media buzz about energy drinks mixed with alcohol lately. However the companies making the drinks defend their products by saying the concept of mixing alcohol and caffeine is not new and the FDA has not banned them.

Rum and coke, irish coffee are only two historical examples of this traditional practice. The concern is that when abused in large quantities the stimulants can cause one to have a false sense of alertness.

Another argument among people against this practice is that the addition of excessive stimulants to alcohol will allow you to continue consuming alcohol long past the bodies natural ability to tell you when you have had enough.

It is dangerous to confuse being awake vs. not being under the influence of alcohol. This can happen when excessive stimulant drinks are mixed with alcohol.

This may lead someone to think that since they feel awake they can drive OK. The problem in Ohio with the OVI law is that even if you drive well you can still be at risk for a DUI conviction when your body contains an illegal amount of alcohol, even if you don’t feel it.

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