Being charged with an OVI in Franklin County will most likely result in your arraignment being held at 375 S. High St. in downtown Columbus. If you have been released on a bond, your arraignment will be conducted in room 4C. If you or a loved one is still “locked up” , the arraignment will take place in room 4D.

Once you arrive at the courthouse, you must go to the 4th floor in order to be fingerprinted. All Franklin County OVI defendants must be fingerprinted prior to arraignment. Arraignment is where the charges are read, in open court, against you. A plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest must be entered.

A guilty plea is a complete admission of guilt. The judge will ask you if you enter the plea of your own free will, and that you are knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily entering your guilty plea. The judge will also advise you that you are giving up certain constitutional rights. The judge will then find you guilty.

A no contest plea is when the prosecutor will read the facts into the record and you attest that you do not contest the facts. The judge will then determine if the facts constitute the offense. If so, the judge will find you guilty. The judge will also advise you of the rights you are giving up and that you are entering the plea of your own free will. The judge , in most circumstances, will find you guilty.

A not guilty pleas you are asserting that you did not engage in the facts alleged in the complaint or that you dispute the facts outlined in the complaint. The judge will accept your not guilty plea and set the case for a pre-trial conference.

As always, it is best to consult an attorney before appearing in court and entering any type of plea. The attorneys at Suhre & Associates are always here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will listen to your case, discuss the possible options and explain the procedures to come.

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