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Penalties For A DUI In Columbus, Ohio

A first offense DUI in Ohio has the following penalties: ALS (Administative License Suspension) for test refusal = one year license suspension. ALS for a prohibited BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) = 90 day license suspension. Jail – Minimum of three consecutive days or 3-day driver intervention program. Fine – Minimum $375 and not more than… read more

What Is An Administrative License Suspension?

When you are charged with OVI and you either refuse the breath test or you submit to the test and the result is over the .08 “per se” limit, the arresting officer will serve an Administration License Suspension (“ALS”) on you. If you refuse the test, the suspension will last for 1 year regardless of… read more

Can the police arrest me without a warrant?

A Police Officer does need a warrant to arrest you for a DUI.  Ohio Revised Code (ORC) section 2935.03(C) provides the authority for it. When there is reasonable ground to believe that a DUI has been committed a peace officer may stop or detain the person whom the officer has reasonable cause to believe was… read more

Under the Influence Means…

The Ohio Jury Instructions give us the definition that a jury would hear in a DUI case.  It also defines what a DUI is. The following is an excerpt from the Ohio Jury Instructions: The defendant is charged with operating a (vehicle) (streetcar) (trackless trolley) while under (the influence of alcohol) (the influence of a… read more