Yes, if convicted of a DUI in Ohio you face mandatory jail, fines, court costs, and license suspension. There will be a time called a “hard suspension” where the Judge is not able to grant you limited driving privileges for any reason at all.

A DUI in Ohio is a Misdemeanor of the first degree. A Judge can put you on probation for up to five years. A condition of that probation can be meetings with a probation officer who can order random drug and urine screens.

Most first time offenders will choose to replace the three days in jail with a state approved 72-hour driver intervention program. Additional drug and alcohol treatment can be ordered as recommended by probation.

The court can order driving privileges with the restriction of ignition interlock and/or special red license plates.

A DUI conviction can also cause you to lose your job and limit your employment options in the future. It is specifically not eligible for expungement. It will add 6 points on license for two years for 12 point suspension purposes.

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