You first appearance in a Columbus, Ohio DUI case is called the arraignment. This is where you will enter a plea of guilty, no contest, or not guilty.

The rules also require that you or your Columbus DUI lawyer make any objections that are appropriate. In addition, your DUI lawyer can ask that certain relief be granted.  For example:   motion for release of a vehicle, or a motion to stay or terminate an administrative license suspension. This is why it is the best to hire a DUI / OVI lawyer right away as soon as you are charged.

If you have been locked up, your lawyer can address the issue of bond with the court. This can be anywhere in the range from own recognizance to $100,000 case depending on the severity of the facts alleged against you in the complaint.

Most notably, arraignment is that point at which time starts to count toward the case.  Keep in mind that there are time requirements for both the State and the defense in which motions must be filed and the case tried to a judge or jury.

Time is always important in legal matters. It is very important that you hire a lawyer to defend your Columbus DUI case as soon as possible.

As soon as you retain a lawyer, he or she  can start to review your paperwork relating to your OVI charge. This means that they might be able to waive your presence at the arraignment and reset the case for a pretrial.  The pre-trail is the first opportunity for the assigned prosecutor and your lawyer to speak about the facts of your case.

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