If you are arrested for a Columbus, OH DUI / OVI and submit to a breath test – the prosecutor now may have some strong evidence against you. In Ohio, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a breath test that is .08 or greater at the time of operation.

The law provides that as long as the breath sample is taken within three hours of operation, the prosecutor can admit that test result and it can be used without an expert witness to establish the breath test result at the time of operation.

One of the defense available in a Columbus, Ohio OVI case is commonly referred to as reverse extrapolation. This occurs when a breath test taken at the police station, after the operation and the defense argues that the breath test result at the time of operation was below a .08. Or at least there is a reasonable doubt as to whether or not it was a .08 or greater.

This defense is valid and useful, but certain facts must be brought out during the trial before the argument can be made in closing. It may be possible to use the state’s witnesses as experts or it may be necessary to call an expert witness to testify during the defense’s case.

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