If you have recently been convicted of an OVI, Reckless Driving, or Physical Control, you will most likely have to complete a 72 Driver’s Intervention Program. The following will give you a better idea of what to expect during those 72 hours and a list of recommended DIP programs.

Why are DIP Programs 72 hours?

The Ohio OVI statue has a mandatory 3 day jail sentence. That means, anyone who is convicted of an OVI, must spend three days in jail. This became an issue that was apparent to the judges, the sheriff’s, and the jails. Many jails were getting over crowded because of the OVI convictions.

The solution was to adopt a 72 hour driver’s intervention program that people can do instead of the 3 days in jail. It was seen as a “win/win” scenario for all involved. 1) The jails will no longer be crowded with first time offenders serving a statutory mandatory jail sentence. 2) First time offenders avoid going to jail. The program is designed to be educational and geared to try to help the participants avoid getting into this situation again.

Are All 72 Hour DIP programs the same?

No. All of DIP programs are not the same. There are mandatory topics that need to be covered that are governed by the state of Ohio, but each program is independently operated. Some are religion based (The Christian Accountability Network), and some are not. Some are more expensive and some are more affordable. Please see the list below of some recommended DIP programs.

The main focus is education. The goal is to avoid this from happening to you again. The programs use a variety of techniques to engage participants. There are movies, group sessions, one on one interactions with counselors, etc. The program is designed to be interactive and educational. Participation is a requirement in order to get the certificate of completion at the end of the weekend.

Where do guests sleep? And do you get your own room?

Most driver intervention programs are hosted in a hotel setting. Generally, you check in on a Thursday evening and check out on a Sunday. You must stay at the hotel the entire 72 hours. The rules for the DIP programs are very strict and will be explained later in the article.

Most DIP programs allow you to choose if you’d like to have a roommate or a room to yourself. Understandably, if you choose to have your own room, the cost will be more expensive.

What do guests eat at the DIP program?

Most DIP programs provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks are allowed if they are sealed and in their original sealed packages. If you have special dietary restrictions, please contact the DIP program that you are attending and bring that to their attention ahead of time.

Can you leave the hotel during the DIP program?

No. Most DIP programs take your car keys when you check in. This is because the program is a 72 hour program that is done in lieu of a jail sentence. Therefore, all participants must remain at the hotel the entire duration of the program.

Certified Driver Intervention Programs (DIP) in Columbus

The following list are the 72 hour programs that are currently offered in and around Franklin County. The cost of the programs, locations, and availability varies. * indicates recommended programs.

Upon completion please provide a copy of your certificate to your attorney.

Should you have any further questions about what a Driver Intervention Program entails, what to expect, or would like to discuss your options, the attorneys at Suhre and Associates are here to help.